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Are X-Rays Safe When Pregnant?

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Image of a pregnant woman outside, at Masci, Hale & Wilson Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry. Yes, dental X-rays can be done when pregnant. The safety of the X-ray depends on the procedure being carried out by the dentist. However, our dentist takes extreme caution to safeguard you and your unborn baby. These safety procedures might include shielding your abdomen and thyroid. The good news for those who are still doubting the procedures is that advancements in technology have made X-rays much safer today compared to the past decades. There are factors you might need to consider, as mentioned below.


Radiation can only be harmful if used wrongly on the patient. The amount of radiation that is used in a dental X-ray is significantly lower than other X-rays. This amount of radiation used during these procedures is recommended by the American Dental Association and the American Pregnancy Association. Therefore, it is approved and rendered safe for the pregnant woman and her baby.

An Extra Layer of Protection

There is also an extra layer of protection that is used to make this process safer for anyone who needs an X-ray. If you have had X-ray procedures in the past, you might recall the dentist placing a special, heavy cloth over you before switching on the X-ray machine. This cloth has a leaded material designed to minimize radiation exposure during the procedure. It is large enough to cover up to the abdomen, meaning your unborn is protected.

Making choices

For the best results, we advise our patients to inform their dentists as soon as they get pregnant to help formulate a treatment plan that will work for you and your baby. In some cases, women who feel concerned can postpone their X-rays until after the end of the first trimester. It is not a risk earlier than that, but it might help provide peace of mind. For more information about dental X-rays during pregnancy, visit us today.

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