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When Do You Need a Dental X-ray

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Evan
When Do You Need a Dental X-rayThe dentist will likely want to take a few X-rays to get a sense of the general health of your mouth if you haven't seen a dentist in a while, you are visiting for the first time, or you have switched dentists and were not able to transfer your records from your prior one.

Aiding in Cavity Detection

Cavities in their early stages are typically invisible to the human eye. Dentists can use X-rays to detect cavities between teeth, beneath fillings, and in other difficult-to-see locations to take preventive measures before the decay worsens.

To Prepare For Complex Dental Procedures.

By taking X-rays, your dentist can plan for various dental procedures, such as extractions, implants, dentures, braces, and more. Before beginning any treatments, these X-rays give dentists important information about the condition and shape of your teeth.

Help To Recognize or Evaluate More Severe Oral Health Problems

The dentist may need to take X-rays to evaluate the deeper state of your oral health because they cannot view all areas of your oral cavity with the naked eye (particularly if they have reasons to be concerned). X-rays reveal cysts, infections, abscesses, impacted teeth, tooth breaks, bone loss, and other oral abnormalities.

Thoroughly Evaluate Your Bite.

X-rays give your dentist information about the alignment of your upper and lower teeth. This is particularly helpful when planning orthodontic procedures; also, it aids dentists in identifying future problems and creating a suitable strategy for carrying out any treatments in your mouth.

Most dentists will request X-rays once a year to monitor your oral health. However, patients more likely to experience dental problems could be required to undergo X-rays more frequently. Remember that X-rays are not abuse, no matter how frequently you have them. Instead, they serve as a useful diagnostic tool that can assist your dentist in identifying and successfully treating problems with your dental health. For safe and comfortable X-rays procedures, contact our offices today.

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