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What is Full Mouth Cleaning?

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
What is Full Mouth Cleaning?Full mouth cleaning is a procedure that aims to eliminate any stubborn bacteria, plaque, or tartar buildup in your mouth. The professional service helps ensure your teeth are healthy and not at risk of cavities or decay. Let's take a deeper look into the full mouth-cleaning process.

Oral Dental Examination

Before a comprehensive full mouth cleaning begins, your dental health care provider will conduct a thorough physical examination. This will help ascertain any notable underlying issues like inflamed gums, tooth decay, and other dental conditions. They can also take diagnostic tests such as x-rays to check the health of your mouth.

Tartar and Plaque Removal

Cleaning starts with removing tartar and plaque on the teeth and gums. The dentist uses a scaler to facilitate deep cleaning between your teeth. The process may be uncomfortable, and minimal pain is experienced. You might hear scraping during the process. The length of time it takes to complete depends on the extent of the buildup of tartar in your mouth.

Gritty Cleaning, Flossing , and Rinsing

The next step is to clean your teeth using a high-powered and electric toothbrush. The brush helps remove any tartar that is still stuck on your teeth. Next, they floss your teeth to remove any plaque that is still left. After proper cleaning, your mouth is rinsed to eliminate any remaining debris.

Application of Fluoride Treatment

The last step in a professional dental cleaning is the application of fluoride treatment. The treatment is essential to protect the teeth from cavities and ensure they are healthy. Your dentists will place a foamy gel in a customized mouthpiece over the teeth. The application is left in your mouth for a few minutes. Fluoride varnish will also be painted on your teeth and will later harden on your teeth. The fluoride helps ensure that the enamel is hard enough and is not easily eroded by harmful bacteria.

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