Dental Cleaning

Man receiving dental cleaning from dental hygienistIf you are reading this, your dentist has likely recommended a deep cleaning for your teeth. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a cleaning but keep putting it off. Dental cleanings may seem scary, but they’re simple dental procedures. If you’re looking for a qualified dentist in your area, consider scheduling a cleaning with Dr. Masci at Masci & Hale Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Dental Cleaning Procedure

The procedure of a dental cleaning may look different every time. The cleaning brings a unique approach to managing your dental needs, which can change between cleanings. You may need a deep cleaning if you have severe gum buildup or gum recession. The difference between deep cleanings and routine cleanings is root planing. The tooth root is out so the gums can reattach to the tooth. During a dental cleaning, a dentist will perform a simple brushing and flossing of your teeth, and they may scale and polish your teeth. A dentist will use a scaler to scrape tartar off your tooth enamel. If your teeth are polished, the dentist will likely be applying a fluoride paste. Fluoride rebuilds worn enamel and keeps bacteria levels low. You may have to wear this paste for a few hours after the cleaning.

Alternatives To Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning removes tartar buildup, we then brush and floss your teeth. Unfortunately, the only alternative to dental cleanings is practicing good oral hygiene. If our dentist recommends that you get a dental cleaning, you likely need a dental cleaning. You can prevent the buildup of tartar by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine.

Side Effects Of Dental Cleanings

After this dental procedure, you may experience some side effects in the first few days. Symptoms can last a week or longer after the cleaning. After your dental cleaning, you may experience tooth sensitivity, sore gums, and swollen gums. The dentist may administer a local anesthetic injection before the cleaning to relieve any pain following the cleaning.

Dental cleanings may make you feel nervous. An anesthetic can treat any pain during the cleaning. Reach out to us at Masci & Hale Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry if you are looking to schedule an appointment. Call our dental team at 845-769-0160.


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